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Learn from some of the best risk management and decision making experts in the world. Each presentation is specifically tailored to appeal to both risk managers and decision makers alike.

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Douglas Hubbard

Founder/President, Hubbard Decision Research

Sam Savage

Executive Director, ProbabilityManagement.org

Michele Wucker

Founder and CEO, Gray Rhino & Company

Meghan Anzelc

Chief Data & Analytics Officer, Three Arc Advisory

Robert D. Brown III

Senior Director of Cyber Resilience, Resilience

Ellie Cloke

DEI Practice Lead, Red Team Thinking

Sarah Davis

Adventurer | Speaker | Writer | Coach, Sarah Davis

Diana Del Bel Belluz

Co-founder, Claridec

Audrey Del Vescovo

Decision Coach, Pragmatic Decisions

Prof. Diana Derval

Chief Investigator, DervalResearch

Marcus Dimbleby

Vice President, Red Team Thinking

Roger Estall

Director, Sufficient Certainty

Christina Fernandes-D’Souza

Director of Data Science, Three Arc Advisory

Yesim Gura

Board Director, Multiple Boards, DCRO Qualified Risk Director®

Susan Holliday

Board Member and Adviser, DCRO Qualified Risk Director

Prof. Hernan Huwyler

Academic Director / Head of Group Risk, IE Business School / Milestone Systems

Michal Jezierski

Director, Risk Management and Compliance, Grupa Kęty S.A.

Shayne Kavanagh

Senior Manager, Research, Government Finance Officers Association

Carolyn Kousky

Associate Vice President for Economics and Policy, Environmental Defense Fund

Benoit Ladouceur

Director, Bureau of Institutional Research, UQAM (Université du Québec à Montréal)

Hans Læssøe

Founder, AKTUS

Norman Marks

Norman Marks, Author, thought leader, retired CAE and CRO

Romualdo Marrazzo

Engineer and HSE senior expert, Italian National Institute for Environmental Protection and Research

Craig Mitchell

Founder, 6DQ

Dr. Ilona Niemi

Chief Compliance Officer

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