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Michele Wucker

Thinking Strategically: Mastering the Art of Risk-Reward Decision-Making

A Workshop by Michele Wucker (Founder and CEO, Gray Rhino & Company)

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About this Workshop

A smart strategy finds a good balance between risk and reward. Yet there is as much art as science in estimating each of these components. The very act of perceiving a risk changes the likelihood that it will turn out well or not. Meanwhile, perceptions of potential impact and likelihood affect risk attitude and tolerance. How do the best risk managers incorporate the influence of risk biases, complex circumstances, and responses to better interpret and weigh supposedly “objective” quantitative risk measures? This session will help you to stop thinking about risk in terms of “more” or “less” and to develop more effective strategies by asking “what kind of risk,” “under which circumstances,” and "riskier than what"?

About The Speakers

Michele Wucker

Michele Wucker

Founder and CEO, Gray Rhino & Company

Michele Wucker is a strategic advisor, global risk expert, speaker, and best-selling author of THE GRAY RHINO and YOU ARE WHAT YOU RISK. She coined the term gray rhino as a challenge to leaders to improve how they respond to obvious, probable dangers and opportunities.