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Sam Savage Alex Sidorenko

Risk Intelligence in Action: From Static Reports to Interactive Dashboards

A Workshop by Sam Savage and Alex Sidorenko

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About this Workshop

Relying on single-number, average assumptions is no longer sufficient! The traditional risk reports that once guided decision-making are now giving way to more dynamic and informative tools. This workshop, "Risk Intelligence in Action: From Static Reports to Interactive Dashboards," is designed to equip business leaders with the essential know-how to turn static risk reports into interactive, responsive dashboards.

Through hands-on examples and real-world applications, attendees will learn how to:

  • Transform standard project status reports into robust risk data that can be leveraged for future project budgeting and scheduling.
  • Utilize interactive dashboards that provide insights into both risk and opportunity, allowing for more flexible and strategic decision-making.
  • Implement the principles of Chance-Informed Decisions to foster a deeper understanding of the fluctuating variables that can impact business success.
  • Apply these transformative techniques across various business functions, creating a unified approach to risk management that aligns with overall corporate strategy.

This workshop will provide actionable insights and practical tools for those looking to enhance their risk intelligence. The methods presented will empower attendees to not only identify and mitigate risks but also seize opportunities, steering their organizations towards a more resilient and prosperous future.

Join us for an enlightening session that will revolutionize how you approach risk in your business, moving from static reports to dynamic, interactive dashboards that drive real change. Register now!

09 October 2023, 04:00 PM

04:00 PM - 05:00 PM

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About The Speakers

Sam Savage

Sam Savage

Executive Director, ProbabilityManagement.org

Dr. Sam L. Savage is Executive Director of ProbabilityManagement.org, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit devoted to standardizing the communication and calculation of uncertainty.

Alex Sidorenko

Alex Sidorenko

Head of Risk, Insurance and Internal Audit, Serra Verde

Experienced executive across strategic, investment and operational risks and insurance working within multibillion dollar corporations in Australia, GCC and Europe. Successfully implemented changes to quantitative risk analysis, risk-based decision making and neuroscience.

Alex Sidorenko